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Fall 2017 I made my first progress on my solo graduation project at the University of the arts Utrecht (HKU).
As I got broader in my game-design and development skills, and began to practice every aspect of the entire pipeline, from audio to art, code to leveldesign, I figured i'd show what I could do in one big project.
I wanted it to be like a business card, showing all that i'd learned.
That's why I chose to make a full game on my own.

The story is about a little germanic girl, at a fantasy location inspired by 600AD germany.
She loses her father and little brother in a Viking river raid and flees into the forest to get away from all that's happening and get her loved ones back.
This ofcourse doesn't work as she learns death is definitive and she has to learn to cope with it.
The 5 levels inside the forest match the 5 stages of grief defined by the "Kubler-ross" model, and I tried to let the current phase of grief shine through anything I could manipulate as developer.

Floris roding prot posteradj2

The main poster

Trailer Gotelinde

Floris roding poster5

The five phases in paintings, as well as an early diagram that tries to map every aspect of the game.

Floris roding poster4

Some concept art, as well as a very early screenshot

Floris roding poster1
Floris roding poster2
Floris roding acceptance2
Floris roding anger3
Floris roding envirosketch1
Floris roding anger6
Floris roding tutorial1
Floris roding bargaining4
Floris roding denial1
Floris roding depression2